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We Are Bangalore Chess Club

The Bangalore Chess Club, is a vibrant and passionate community of chess enthusiasts in the heart of Bangalore, Karnataka.

Established with the goal of promoting and nurturing the intellectually stimulating game of chess, this club has grown to become a hub for players of all ages and skill levels.
With a rich history of hosting meetups across parks, cafes, malls and other lively spaces, the Bangalore Chess Club is where strategy meets camaraderie, and where knights, rooks, and queens come to life on the 64 squares.

Whether you're a novice looking to learn the game or a seasoned grandmaster honing your skills, the Bangalore Chess Club welcomes all to be a part of its enduring legacy in the world of chess.


Rook and Roll

Chessbase India: A Public Simul in the centre of Garuda Mall, Bangalore. This was the second edition with IM Rakesh Kulkarni playing against 20 players selected via qualifiers and lucky draw. In 2022, we had GM Thejkumar who played the same event at this venue.

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The Right Moves

The Hindu: Bangalore Chess Club creates an enjoyable and informal atmosphere for players of all ages, diverging from the intense competitive chess environment. The club fosters a setting where participants from various age groups can relish the game.

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World Chess Day

Hindustan Times: World Chess Day, established by UNESCO in 1966 and celebrated on July 20, promotes global chess growth. In Bengaluru, increased participation during the pandemic showcases rising interest, especially among children. Bangalore Chess Club playing a key part in it's promotion.

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Bangalore Chess Club is the largest offline Chess Community in India where we aim to promote chess as a non competitive sport across ages and skill levels. Always striving to make chess fun.